Friday, 7 September 2012

69 - After the Party

“I do like the Chenin, but I must admit a penchant for Gavroche in its many guises.”
“Cynthia dear: you’re looking splendid! You must tell me your secret.”
“… and then he had the cheek to quote some footpath number at me! I sent him packing toute de suite.”
“Chardonnay is much maligned, but of course you know that.”
“His number dear, your trainer: I must have it.”
“Cigar, old chap? Cuban.”
“Howard! What’s the matter?”
“Sorry, I was just ear-wigging.”
“What do you mean, ‘ear-wigging’? There’s no one here to listen to. What is up with you?”
“Nothing … nothing really.”
He looked once again around the dust-sheeted dining room, then closed forever the front door of his childhood.

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