Monday, 9 July 2012

53 - Spin Doctor

“Anything exciting happening to you today, dear?”
He pulls in front of the station and, not waiting for her reply, grabs his laptop case and pecks her on a dutiful cheek before heading off for the city.
In her mind, it plays so differently. She accelerates the Cherokee up the ramp into the car park, and guns the engine on the approach to the ticket machine. A hand-brake turn to the drop-off zone, and the passenger door bursts open dropping her husband at the feet of the waiting Monday crowd. A tight donut spin closes the door, and she flies off the end of the ramp back into the High Street. Her lover is probably stepping from the shower, so no time to wait …
… but she steps meekly from the passenger side, and walks round to her daily gift of the steering wheel. She adjusts the seat and pulls carefully away to while away the time until the whole routine is reversed and she once more takes up her proper place as a passenger.
As she moves off, she catches her own eye in the rear-view mirror and winks. Today; yes, today will be different.

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