Wednesday, 23 May 2012

8 - Trilogy

"It simply won't work."
"Yes it will."
"Why must you persist? He's totally incapable of reading a monologue, let alone dialogue."
"He's not that bad; anyway, there'll be differences."
"What are you getting so hot and bothered about?"
"He says it won't work."
"It won't, not without tags, and that's that."
"What won't work?"
"Dialogue: keep up! He says he's incapable of reading ..."
"Which he is."
"... but of course he can: he's doing it now, isn't he?"
"You know I don't mean it that way: and anyway he's writing, not reading."
"Just suppose he can read; where's the difficulty?"
"Oh stop leading them on; they're as bad as each other."
"The difficulty is obvious. I mean what names is he using?"
"Do you always use everyone's names when you're talking to them?"
"Always: good networking."
"In fairness, you haven't used our names so far."
"Oh this is going to drag on. Look, even he's joined in now. I mean, 'Trilogy': who's he fooling?"
"He can't count either!"
"Actually, he can: I can see three parts to this conversation and we're just one of them."

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