Wednesday, 16 May 2012

1 - Burnt Fingers

I was inspired by Creative Writing Challenges set by David Morley to try writing something every day if only as an exercise. Then today, National Flash Fiction Day, I heard from Josephine Corcoran about someone who decided to write flash fiction every day for a year.
Do I have the determination, the stamina the skill? Let's see ...

1 - Burnt Fingers
It was over, she knew, when she stumbled upon the half-empty packet. “Why only half? Why not the whole nine yards?” she thought.
What was galling, what really hurt, was he’d kept it from her; a secret life tucked away in a shoe box in his wardrobe.
She felt betrayed; humiliated; belittled.
Her anger bounced off the bedsit walls, rattling wine glasses, as she wailed “How could the bastard have started smoking again?”

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